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Today’s Catch

If you are looking to see what fish we have on the counter today, we update our facebook/instagram daily so you can see what we have. https://www.instagram.com/seafoodandhatchery/ https://www.facebook.com/Nlandseafood/

Lobster Power

We put a lot of energy into putting lobsters back into the sea, most of it is the conscientious efforts of our staff and volunteers; but we use a fair bit of electric with various pumps, heaters and chillers. We decided to try and be as environmentally responsible as possible with our electrical generation and have […]

One Hundred Fine Ladies (almost!)

The superstars of the hatchery are our berried hens, these are the ladies holding thousands of eggs that will eventually provide us with the young lobsters we can put back into the sea. Jeff and Dougie who fish from the Restless Wave have brought us back some great specimens this year and we will shortly be […]